Representative Jon Riki Karamatsu (jonriki) wrote,
Representative Jon Riki Karamatsu

New Website for Friends of Jon Riki Karamatsu at

Aloha Everyone!

I happy to announce that is the new official website that will be the headquarters for Friends of Jon Riki Karamatsu on the World Wide Web.  I will continue to share with you my policy ideas, legislation, legislative appropriations, speeches, philosophy, creative writing, events, and personal life.  I also want to share with you my pictures, videos, music, and business ventures.  My archives from has been inputted there as well.

I have been sharing with you a part of my life since the Fall of 2002, and I look forward to sharing with you much more exciting things!  I hope my life ventures impacts you in a positive way or at least inspires your constructive thoughts. My ultimate quest is to be compassionate, happy, and at peace.  Likewise, I hope I can play a small role in helping others to be compassionate, happy, and at peace as well.

With Warmest Aloha,

Jon Riki Karamatsu


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