May 4th, 2008

Compassion: 2. Your Enemies

Having compassion for your enemies is the most difficult thing to do in my opinion.  How do you have compassion for someone who harmed you or a loved one, or even go as far as to kill your loved one?  

I still have difficulty with the males who raped female friends of mine.  For some of us, our first instinct would be to retaliate.  When a number of girls told me their story of domestic violence and sexual assault during college, I was very angry at these male perpetrators.  Pain and in this case, anger drove me into politics.  Later in life, more females revealed to me their stories.  It never ends.

The world is full of violence and it is a cycle.  There are so many wars and terrorist attacks.  They killed my loved one so I will kill your loved one.  Women and children are innocenlty raped and killed.  We are just going back and forth with our violence and there is no end in sight.

It is easier to have compassion for my opponents who will try to ruin your life and take you down.  They have no feelings and are just plain mean.  Although they do bad things against you personally, they won't try to physically harm or kill you or your loved ones. 

On the other hand, enemies will harm and even kill you and your loved ones.  Instead of retaliating, we must take all their immense negative energy and convert it to positive energy and do as much good as we can.  This is the least we can do through compassion.  The most compassionate ones can pray to their enemies and the spirits of their enemies in hopes that they will eventually change and stop the violence or even find peace within themselves.

Compassion: 3. Your Opponents

Opponents are those who are mean, vindictive, heartless, impatient, jealous, self-righteous, and/or selfish.  They like to criticize and attack you in hopes of taking you down personally or your career.  I don't hate them.  I only wish them peace and happiness.

In April 2008, I made an invocation for the Hawaii State House of Representatives.  My prayer:

"This prayer is based on two philosophies, Itoism and Karamatsuism.  Members and guests, I would like us to make a silent prayer to our loved ones and even our opponents in hopes that they achieve peace and happiness.  At this time, can we have a silent prayer.

Thank you."