April 1st, 2006

Grandma Karamatsu

I have been told that it has been raining in Hawaii for forty-three days straight. I thought this only happens in movies or books. It's been raining since the beginning of my grandma's medical challenges. I like to believe this beautiful place we call Hawaii where my grandma lived a full life is crying with us. I will not forget this time period. Yesterday, before my grandma was taken off life support, the head minister for Jodo Shu and another minister came to her bedside to pray for her with the family. The head minister is a friend of my late Grandpa Karamatsu and my grandma because of their strong involvement with the temple. My grandfather was president of the council for Jodo Shu Hawaii and my grandma helps the ministry with everything like fundraising and Obon Festival. She, by the way, is a great Obon dancer. My sisters and I had fun dancing with her. Everyone was very emotional during the service. My dad, mom, aunty, and uncle were the few that stayed in the room when my grandma was taken off life support. As they were taking the tubes off her, I put my hands in gakushyo and prayed for her. I noticed my dad was doing the same. As I closed my eyes and prayed, I couldn't stop the tears. After she was detached from the system, the sun came up. Last night, the time between her breaths were getting longer, a sign of her getting tired. I overslept, but slept well, so I better get back and check on my grandma. Take care.