January 19th, 2006

Rep. Jon Riki Karamatsu House Legislative Session Invocation

Rep. Jon Riki Karamatsu House Legislative Session Invocation
12:00 P.M., January 19, 2006

Sure, our world is full of people who hurt others, but together can we make it more peaceful and better to live. Every individual is accountable for one's actions. Everyone must do their best to treat others with respect. There is no such thing as wiping your slate clean just by repenting. When you hurt someone emotionally or physically, it is done, and you cannot turn back the clock to change history. We must be proactive, not reactive. Everyone must do their best to stop their bad actions from ever happening and perform good actions. We have no one to answer to but ourselves, if not our family and ancestors.

My time in this world is limited just as yours is. We must keep death in mind at all times because it will help us live life to the fullest. When you keep death in mind, you appreciate life. You cherish your family and loved ones. You love others and do kind gestures because that may be the last time you see them. You work hard because you may not have another chance. You pray to your ancestors and loved ones who passed away. And you appreciate the simple pleasures of life such as the sunset over the ocean.

By keeping death in mind, you are more aware and in control of your actions. You avoid speaking offensively to others because that may be the last words they hear from you. You avoid foolish behavior that can result in your death. You take care of your health by exercising, and eating and drinking in moderation. You free your mind of evil thoughts and search for inner peace. Finally, you prepare to leave a legacy for future generations.

Today, I want all of us to first, close our eyes and focus on the good actions you plan to do in the future. Then second, I want all of us to pray to our loved ones who passed away and our ancestors and thank them for all the good they have done to pave the way for us, and also to seek their guidance in our quest to live a positive life.