October 17th, 2005

Rep. Karamatsu Congratulatory Remarks at Hoku Scientific's Grand Opening of Its Kapolei Facility

I am so honored to be here to congratulate Hoku Scientific for all its hard work and achievements. I remember meeting with Dustin a year and a half ago and we came up with a bill for a $10 million special purpose revenue bond to help Hoku Scientific build the facility you see here. I want to thank my colleagues in the House of Representatives and State Senate and also the Governor for supporting the bill ($10 million special purpose revenue bond bill) I introduced this year.

I would like to mention that since I was young, I would dream of the endless possibilities for Hawaii. One of my biggest dreams is to see Hawaii become a global economic power. And I know this might seem far-fetched for some. But it is because of leaders like Dustin and companies like Hoku, my dream is still alive today. Thank you. Congratulations.

I would like to thank my colleagues in the House and Senate...if you guys could come up to the stage to help me present this certificate.