September 5th, 2005

Reflecting on My Family and Travels

I love my family. My father Richard is an electrical engineer for the federal government. My mother Laraine is an elementary school teacher. My younger sister Mia is a medical doctor in Orange County, California. My baby sister Lara is a civil engineer in Southern Washington State, commuting from Portland, Oregon. My grandma Karamatsu is healthy and doing well. My friends are fun and supportive.

Experiencing various places has taught me a lot. It has made me stronger and open-minded.

Places I have experienced:
1. Honolulu, Hawaii
2. Kauai, Hawaii
3. Maui, Hawaii
4. Big Island, Hawaii
5. Bay Area, California
6. Southern California
7. Seattle, Washington
8. Spokane, Washington
9. Small towns in Eastern Washinton
10. Denver, Colorado
11. Vail, Colorado
12. Colorado Springs, Colorado
13. Phoenix, Arizona
14. Alberqurque, New Mexico
15. Boseman, Montana
16. Courdelane, Idaho
17. Small towns in Northern Idaho
18. Las Vegas, Nevada
19. Reno, Nevada
20. Winnemucca, Nevada
21. Portland, Oregon
22. Small towns in Western Oregon
23. Washinton D.C.
24. Arlington, Virginia
25. Baltimore, Maryland
26. Small towns in Maryland.
27. Orlando, Florida
28. Tampa Bay, Florida
29. St. Petersburg, Florida
30. New York City, New York
31. Tokyo, Japan
32. Fukuoka, Japan
33. Osaka, Japan
34. Kumamoto, Japan
35. Hiroshima, Japan
36. Miyajima, Japan
37. Kyoto, Japan
38. Nikko, Japan
39. Hakone, Japan
40. Shanghai, China
41. Beijing, China
42. Tianjin, China
41. Hong Kong, China
43. Macau, China
44. Bangkok, Thailand
45. Chiangmai, Thailand
46. Vancouver, Canada
47. Whistler, Canada