March 13th, 2005


So far, this legislative session has been fun. I passed five of my bills out of the House and they are now in the Senate. I made some tough decisions. I voted against some bills that have penalties too harsh for the action committed. I introduced a fair business bill, which has been difficult at times because I enjoy working with the other industries against it, and they have been supporters of mine. I have no regrets for any action I have taken because after analyzing an issue, I make my best decision based on the facts before me.

I enjoy politics. I am always thinking of ideas and strategies, as well as ways to overcome obstacles. I reflect on all the great people I met and think of people I want to meet. When I work, I am thinking. When I exercise, I am thinking. When I lie down before I sleep, I am thinking.

However, sometimes politicians need a brief escape from the problems being thrown at them, in addition to the challenges they face in their personal lives. Often times we are fighting within ourselves in determining our actions.

These are some of my thoughts:
1. Hoping my friend will get better from his ailment.
2. Appreciating my family and friends.
3. Work